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The self-promotional wine entrepreneur turned social media star still has his share of critics. We are the winner of that game.” And, he points out—albeit in trademark GaryVee language—that this side of his story has nothing to do with his persona or charisma: I've put my head down and I've grinded the shit out of it operationally,” he says. Thanks for checking out this list of Gary Vaynerchuk quotes.

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. I always believe in going the extra mile in everything that I do because I can only reap what I sow. Recently I have started #TheFellowEntrepreneur video series where I give away awesome content based on my entrepreneurial experience.

Which are your favorite Gary Vaynerchuk quotes? Everything he does is calculated and worth it. He experiments with countless marketing channels in order to find the one he wants to grow. These motivational videos offer a powerful counter to feelings that often follow day-to-day setbacks.

Vaynerchuk believes VaynerMedia's success has also helped change the minds of some of his critics. You'll find some roadblocks on your way to the top, but you can always return to these videos for motivation. #AskGaryVee is the best place to get answers to your everyday marketing, entrepreneurship and social media-related believe questions.

But second, it's actually a good business strategy. The organizers want to make sure they are getting a bang for their buck. Man, it's gotta feel good that Lizzie and the kids are always going to be financially secure and you provide such a nice life for them.

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